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Electra is responsible for the comprehensive long-term management and control of mega projects, from concept development, construction and infrastructure design and deployment, to ongoing O&M (Operations & Management) services.


With extensive experience in BOT (Build Operate Transfer) projects for the public sector, Electra delivers end-to-end management of financing, construction, operations and maintenance, based on the company’s synergy of core competencies across multiple disciplines. Services begin from the procurement of all necessary permits, licenses, and funding for the development of mega infrastructure projects, and only end when the fully-operational concession is transferred to its new owners. Electra’s expertise covers a wide range of projects, such as alternative power generation, sewage purification, gas line deployment, and public sector facilities.


In Israel, Electra’s concessions include the new 32,000 sqm Tel Aviv Courthouse with its 5-level underground parking facility, lavish public entrance lobbies, and 12-story office tower. Among other major projects are sewage purification systems in Netanya and Arad, and the roll-out of the Israel natural gas line (PRMS). The company is currently undertaking the development of new alternative-technology power stations such as the Maale Gilboa pumped storage hydroelectricity project, which generates 300 MW of available power. Electra is also a partner in the new IDF Training Campus – a large project of national import.