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Group Profile

Elco Ltd. (ELCO) began operations in 1949 as a manufacturer of small distribution transformers. Through mergers and acquisitions, the company has grown and diversified tremendously over the years, and is now a leading Industrial Group with four main subsidiaries conducting a wide range of business activities:


Electra Ltd delivers comprehensive turn-key solutions in electromechanical systems, real estate development, construction, facility management and large-scale infrastructure projects. Operating across Europe and Israel, in both the public and private sectors, Electra Ltd is now increasing its activities in Africa.


Electra Consumer Products Ltd was established in 1951and is a leading name in the consumer and retail sector in Israel. The company manufactures, imports, exports, markets and distributes a wide range of international and local brands in major appliances, small appliances, air conditioners and consumer electronics. Electra Consumer Products operates two major retail chains for home appliances, as well as a popular DIY and auto accessories chain. 


Elco-Landmark Residential is a US-based company specializing in investment, upgrade, leasing and management of under-performing multi-family apartment complexes in the southeastern United States. Also a major shareholder in the REIT Landmark Apartment Trust, the company has invested in 17,000 apartments and currently leases and manages over 28,000 apartments, with strong performance in terms of high occupancy rates and improved profitability.


Electra Real Estate is a development and investment company operating since 1994 in Israel, North America, Europe and India. Current assets cover 600,000 sq.m. and a further 250,000 sq.m. of parking space in high quality, income-yielding commercial properties, including office buildings, shopping malls, logistics centers and hotels, as well as some residential property. 


Generating an annual turnover of US$2 billion in 2012, Elco is one of Israel’s largest Industrial Groups, with a total global workforce of over 7,000 employees. Approximately 75% of the consolidated group’s sales are generated from Israel, with a strong presence in North America.


The group’s main areas of activity are conducted through separate business units incorporated into distinct legal entities. Two of these companies are publicly traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, allowing them to enjoy complete operational and financial independence, along with the benefits associated with being part of a larger Industrial Group. These benefits include coordinated efforts with respect to strategic planning, business development, mergers and acquisitions, investment policy, risk analysis and allocation of resources for financing.