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Cacalist | by: Eran Sokol | 5/1/14

The scope of the project is estimated at NIS 2.2 billion, where 80% will be funded by the financial institutions; the project will be implemented by P.S.P. Ltd., owned in equal stakes by the companies

Electra Ltd., under the helm of Itamar Deutcher, and Shikun & Binui Ltd., under the helm of Ofer Kotler, announced today (Sunday), that they signed a financing agreement for the Maaleh Gilboa Pumped Storage Project, totaling NIS 1.8 billion.

P.S.P. Ltd., the company that won the project and is owned in equal stakes by Electra and Shikun & Binui, signed the financing agreement for the project that will total NIS 2.2 billion.