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February 2016

The Marker | By: Eran Azran | 29/02/2016

Electra Ltd.'s rating was raised by one degree to AA-, considered extremely high* Maalot: "The rating continues to be based on Electra's strong competitive status in the electromechanical and contracting market in Israel"  

The continued improvement in Electra Ltd.'s financial results, the rate of change for personal portfolio that resulted in a 43% surge in Company shares over the past three years, three times than the TA-100, is also positively impacting its credit rating. 

Globes | by: Aviv Levi | 28/2/16

After a sharp increase in the apartment prices, more than doubling it, and after the Minister of Finance changed the market's game rules, our people of the year for 2016 are those willing to take risks and even increase them. An entrepreneur who quickly makes immense transactions, a contractor who settles for minimum profitability, a businessperson who thinks this is the time to buy a huge performance company, and a Minister of Finance who is convinced this time it will work. 

The Battle Continues 


Gershon Salkind 

Owner of Elco Group 

The Marker | By: Eran Azran | 16/02/2016

Electra Real Estate recently decided on a change in its business strategy, and will focus on Multi Family sector in the United States.* The Company is expected to complete this week the public stage in expansion of Series D, and is expected to raise approximately NIS 80 million.