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March 2016

Cacalist | by: Miki Grinfeld | 30/03/16

The company will plan and establish the dormitory compound for a period of 25 years. Electra estimates that the financial investment in the project will amount to 350 million Shekels – the annual income is expected to sum-up at 36 million Shekels 

The Electra company of the Elco group has won the student dormitory tender of the Bar Ilan University. The company, under the direction of Itamar Deutcher, reported today (Wed') to the stock exchange of its winning the tender for building the dormitories, through its subsidiary company, that is at its complete proprietorship. 

The Marker | By: Eran Azran | 30/03/2016

In the past year Elco has signed three substantial deals, which emanated for the company an available flow of more than a billion Shekels, and reduced the net debt to only 190 million Shekels The C.E.O of Electra, Itamar Deutcher, has latched onto a clean sweep at the payroll-cost of 13 million Shekels in 2015 

The Marker | By: Shelly Appleberg | 01/03/2016

In the last quarter of 2015, the Company presented a 12.5% increase in sales that amounted to NIS 658 million* The company moved from operating loss of NIS 56 million to a profit of NIS 16.8 million in the quarter. 

Electra Consumer Products, which is controlled by Elco (60%), recorded a 12.5% increase in sales in Q4 2015 that amounted to NIS 658 million – as revealed in the reports released by the Company today. 

The majority of the increase was attributed to air conditioner sales in Israel and abroad coupled with increased sales in the retail sector. The electrical appliance sector enjoys a sales turnover of NIS 284 million in comparison with NIS 210 million in the parallel period.