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Electra Real Estate

Immediate report regarding the results of the Tender for Classified Investors to Obtain Early Commitments – Expansion of Bond Series (Series D) 

Pursuant to the Company's immediate report from 10 February 2016 regarding possible review of expansion of the bond series (Series D) of the Company in a public offering by way of a shelf proposal, and within said review, the company held a tender last night to obtain early commitments from classified investors, as defined in Regulation 1 of the Securities Regulations (Manner of Offering Securities to the Public) 5767-2007, as specified below: 

1. As part of the tender to classified investors, classified investors submitted early commitments to acquire in the amount of NIS 158,923 thousand n.v. bonds (Series D). Of these commitments, the Company received early commitments to purchase NIS 65,363 thousand n.v. bonds (Series D) in a manner that would allow it to offer NIS 82,000 n.v. bonds (Series D) to the public. 

2. The price per unit established in the bid per unit of NIS 1,000 n.v. bonds (Series D) is NIS 1,067. The final price per unit for the expansion of said series will be determined as part of the public tender that the Company plans on holding. 

3. The offer to the public, if it occurs, will be carried out as part of a shelf proposal to be published by the company by way of uniform proposal. The volume of the issuing to the public and the other terms of the proposal will be specified as part of this shelf proposal, if any is published. Publication of the shelf proposal and the implementation of the offering are subject to obtaining all of the approvals required by law, including, approval of the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange Ltd. to regsier bonds for listing and approval of the Company's Board of Directors. It is hereby clarified that there is no certainty that said offering will actually take place.