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Electra Real Estate

The Company hereby announces that on the date of repayment of the bank loan taken to finance the portfolio of three investment properties in England (Hereinafter "The Properties) has come to an end. The Properties are held by a consolidated company (100%) and their balance in the financial statements as of 30.6.14 is 9.25 million Pounds Sterling (approximately NIS 55.5 million). The balance of the bank loan (Non-Recourse) taken to finance the acquisition of these Properties is 5.1 million Pounds Sterling (approximately NIS 30.6 million). In recent months, the consolidated company has been negotiating with the financing bank to extend the date of repayment of the loan by one year. The proposed framework includes, inter alia, repayment of the principle of the loan in the amount of 800 thousand Pounds Sterling (approximately NIS 4.8 million) and deposit an amount of 130 thousand Pounds Sterling (approximately 780 thousand) to ensure interest payments in the ensuing year from independent sources of the Company. Furthermore, as part of the proposed frame, the Consolidated Company would act with the bank's consent to dispose of one of the Properties for which the consideration to be received from its disposal would be used to further reduce the principle of the loan. There is no certainty that the proposed frame would be formulated to an agreement with the financing bank.