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Exceptional performance and ongoing expansion are the cornerstones of the Electra Ltd. strategy. The Electra Group, which is active in strategic locations across Europe, Africa, and Israel, delivers advanced turnkey solutions for complex large-scale construction and electromechanical infrastructure projects, facility management, real estate development, and concessions.


Established in 1945, and publicly traded on the Tel Aviv 100 Index (ELTR) since 1971, Electra operates with a multidisciplinary approach that draws on the unique synergy existing between its subsidiaries. The company has recruited more than 5,000 skilled professionals, including engineers and technical experts, to ensure flawless results every step of the way.


Operating in both the public and private sectors, Electra is the leading name behind the end-to-end design, planning, and construction of countless high-profile development projects, from residential, industrial and hi-tech buildings, to hospitals, utilities, national infrastructure projects, and more. 


In 2014, Electra realized an income of NIS 3,920 million, with a net profit of NIS 127 million from its ongoing activities.